Art Exhibition



Sponsor: LongReach Arts.

Exhibition title: I Dreamed A Garden; works of 15 member artists of LongReach Arts, a Hudson Valley Artist Cooperative.

This show is coordinated by Ellen Metzer O’Shea from LongReach Arts and Kristin Perkins from The Millbrook Library. It will run from June 2 through July 30, 2023 with an opening reception Saturday, June 10, 4 - 6pm.

Press contact: Ellen Metzer O’Shea, 845-797-7494

Millbrook Library contact:

Adult Services Coordinator: Kristin Perkins

PH: 845-677-3611

Venue location: Millbrook Library, 3 Friendly Lane, Millbrook NY 12545

LongReach Arts is a cooperative made up of artists of widely varying sensibilities. Their individual approaches to this chosen theme -- I Dreamed a Garden -- are strikingly different. Some took the theme literally, depicting gardens we can dwell in, some took it metaphorically, hinting at what the idea of garden means to them and some -- perhaps reflecting an urbanite's point of view -- show the only bit of garden a city dweller can manage: a flower in a vase. What unites these artists is their passion for the work and what distinguishes them is their skill and diverse vision. 

About LongReach Arts: We are the oldest continuously operating visual cooperative in the Hudson Valley. In 1982 we were founded in Poughkeepsie with the name Summergroup. In 2007, to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we decided to change our  name to LongReach Arts. We were proud of our location near the Hudson River and the River’s “long reach,” from West Point northward, known to sailors as a "long reach” - a great length of river that can be sailed without having to tack.

Today, this well known artist cooperative remains an important part of the visual arts in the Hudson Valley region. Thus the name Long Reach befits the length and depth of our connection with this region. In addition to achieving recognition as a group, individual members' works are well known in the valley and beyond. They are represented in both public and private collections in the United States, Europe, and Israel.