Braver Angels, Skills for disagreeing better workshop


Co-chaired by Caroline Berninger and organized by her husband, Vahe Keukjian, Braver Angels Hudson River Valley has partnered with Kingston Public Library director Marge Menard to present this free event, Braver Angels, Skills for disagreeing better workshop, 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 22, at Kingston Public Library, 55 Franklin St., Kingston. The goals of this workshop, presented by Berninger, Keukjian, and Menard, all Stone Ridge residents, include more understanding of the values and concerns of people who differ politically, better skills for listening in a way so that the other person feels heard, and better skills for sharing viewpoints in a way the other person might hear, even if they disagree. The workshop is part of the Braver Angels’ mission to depolarize America. For more information, visit https://braverangesls.or/event/skills-for-disagreeing-better-12/.

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Braver Angels is America's largest grassroots, cross-partisan organization depolarizing America.