‘Word on the Street,’ photos by Bob Esposito in the gallery, at the Rosendale Theatre


Local photographer Bob Esposito has always had a fascination with how people communicate at street level. Be it communication by signage, sculpture, graffiti or the wonderfully witty wall scrawl. Humor, joy, sometimes hope and often delicious absurdity formed into a language between strangers. And it’s a language that comes with a shelf life. Signage is constantly replaced, graffiti fades and the planet keeps spinning which can turn the wittiest expression into an irrelevant nothing, or vice-versa! How much joy and genius is lost this way when the elements combine to erase a meaningful bridge between people who will never actually meet.
These photos, mainly shot on expired Kodak film using vintage toy cameras will be featured for the months of March and April, in the gallery, at the Rosendale Theatre, 408 Main St., Rosendale.
All prints are nicely priced at $10-$15. All proceeds above printing cost go to the Rosendale Theatre.
For more information, visit rosendaletheatre.org or call 845-658-8989.


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